Let’s talk ‘wheels’

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Let’s talk ‘wheels’!

At some point we have all experienced a problem with our wheels, and it can appear to be a minefield on how to tackle the problem especially when stranded at a most inconvenient time!

Our quick guide below will take you through step by step on how to remove a wheel correctly, and hopefully allow you to resolve immediately or at least identify the problem.

Rear Wheels ……

  • Shift derailleur to outermost gear (smallest sprocket) and innermost front chain-ring.

Rear 1

  • Release brake quick-release, if any, or loosen the brake cable.

Rear 2

  • Release wheel quick-release by pulling the release lever outward. Pull outward on the end of the quick-release skewer lever. If necessary loosen quick release adjusting nut to clear any tabs at the end of the fork. For wheels with axle nuts, loosen both nuts outside of the dropouts.

Rear 3

  • Ease the wheel out of the dropouts.


Rear 4


  • Pull back on rear derailleur to allow cogs to clear the chain. Lower the wheel, guiding the wheel down through the brake pads and forward to clear the chain and derailleur. Guide the wheel through the brake pads and out of the fork ends.

Rear 5

Front Wheels …….

  • Release brake quick-release, if any, or loosen the brake cable.

Front 1

  • Having released the quick release lever and loosened or loosened the hub nuts, guide the wheel  down and out of the fork.

 Front 2

Replacing the wheels

  • For non-quick release wheels, tighten axle nuts fully.
  • For quick release; in reverse as to removing the rear wheel. When installing the front wheel, simply place the axle evenly up into the fork dropouts, with the quick release lever on the left side of your bike. Make sure the wheel is aligned centrally between the forks. Holding the cap with one hand, spin the lever clockwise, making sure the side marked ‘open’ is facing outwards. When tightening the lever, it should meet resistance at about the halfway point. Now push the lever closed. The lever should be pointing up in the locked position
  • Close the brake quick release mechanism. View the wheel centering in the fork. The wheel should also be centered between the fork blades.
  • Inspect the brake block alignment and centering by closing and opening the brake caliper with the brake lever. If the wheel fails to center in the frame, either the frame or wheel may be misaligned. In this case contact your Cycle Tech Technician for advice.
  • Spin the wheel and double check the brake block alignment on the wheel rim. Be sure that the blocks do not rub on the tyre.
  • Close the brake quick release or attach MTB brake release wire.


For further advice on ‘how to remove a wheel correctly’ why don’t you give our partners –           Cycle Tech Hertfordshire a call on 07767 305064.


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