Know how to handle your Neoprene

10 Wetsuit care do’s & don’ts

1.      Rinse well with fresh water after every use

2.      Dry inside out first & then dry the right way out AWAY from direct sunlight

3.      Store right way out and minimise hanger use, or use a padded wetsuit hanger

4.      Keep it flat or folded behind the knees & then in half. Get a dry bag to minimise crumpling

5.      Avoid contacting the Velcro with the inside lining of the wetsuit as this will pull on the sensitive fibres. Keep it covered with the fabric patch

6.      Ensure you do not damage the wetsuit material with fingernails.

7.      Don’t store in the boot of your car! Heat is not neoprene’s friend & cooking wetsuits if only for when you’re reeeaaaally hungry.

8.      Avoid use in Chlorinated swimming pools

9.      Don’t put in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

10.   Don’t wash with detergent or bleach AND DO NOT IRON!!!! (obviously)

FINGERNAILS ARE A WETSUIT’S FOE! Combat them with Black Witch neoprene glue, especially formulated to fix small slices, nicks & loose stitching.

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